Instagram is an ocean full of ready customers who will give your mart the sales boost it needs as long as you can successfully use these tips in achieving your goal!

The top priority for every business is to boost its sales by not only gaining more customers but also retaining previous customers and ensuring all their needs are met. Instagram is a vital tool in making this goal come to true. Most entrepreneurs and business owners will even regard it as a silent prayer answered since it enables them extend their tentacles and reach more customers.

Here are some key ways online marts can boost sales on Instagram:

1.      Sales Copy

Your sales copy is an essential part of your business, it is in fact the front desk of every online mart that is why the need to be honest in your sales copy cannot be over emphasized. When writing your store's sales copy, it is important to right it with all honesty, do not over exaggerate about your business in a bid to attract customers. In as much as you try not to sell yourself short, do not make a start-up look like a multinational; it will boomerang and cause your prospective customers to lose credibility in the business.


2.      Promotions

The internet is a large place, thankfully with Instagram you can promote your products and business to reach a wider range which cuts across the age and nationality of your target audience. You can even zero in your promotion to an area of your choice. These ad placements go a long way and should be done frequently to prevent competitor from taking over the market.


3.      Testimonials

Customer feedback has never been more important like how it is in today’s social media environment. Prospective customers need a form of guarantee before they can place their orders from your online store, this is where the testimonies from satisfied customers come. It provides a form of assurance so the more testimonies and reviews, the better for your mart.


4.       Urgency

Customers need to buy more when they think the product is about to go out of stock. Despite the fact that you are trying to be honest with your customers, nothing stops you from creating a sense of urgency to persuade existing and prospective customers to purchase your products. This sense of urgency can be created by either making limited editions or offering financial incentives such as discounts and free delivery for a certain period of time.


5.      Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff! Now is the time to leverage on this and attract as many customers as possible. Take a look at what you are selling and consider what you can give out to existing customers to make them make more purchases and new customers to attract them. You can do a buy one,get one free or give out samples, this is also a great way to improve the perception of your mart and even introduce new products. See this as a form of investment.