No matter how careful you may choose to be, mistakes tend to happen since e-commerce is constantly evolving and upgrading. Now there is no definite amount of mistakes that can be made, but these are potential obstacles that most businesses bump into.

It is an obvious fact that online shopping has created endless opportunities for wholesale and retail e-commerce businesses. Customers are rather going for convenience than the stress of going to a conventional market. The fact that they are a click away from getting whatever item they desire is priceless to them.

With a steady increase in online shopping, mistakes tend to happen and these can cause serious loss to your online business. Let’s take a look at the mistakes 60.2%of E-commerce businesses make.


1.      Poor Branding

Branding is everything to your online business therefore when your business has poor branding it will attract few customers and limit sales.Good branding involves more than your logo, you have to ensure you have: good social media presence, descriptive domain name, good SEO marketing, suitable website etc.


2.      Few Product Reviews

As an online business owner, you may decide not to post reviews of products gotten from your business and this is a fatal mistake. The more reviews the better because prospective customers need these reviews as a form of insurance to solidify their trust in your business.


3.      Bad Customer Service  

Your customers are your treasures and should be treated with uttermost important. When customers send messages, they should be replied as soon as possible in a very polite tone no matter how the customer may sound.When customers ask for refunds due to bad experiences from your business they shouldn’t be denied. Also, keep track of your customers’ data in case you need to send personalized emails.


4.      Lack of Online Marketing Tools

Just because your business is online doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t use other online tools to market your goods and advertise your brands. These tools are free or come at very low cost and it helps the business interact directly with the customers. They include: Linkedln, Facebook, Reddit,Twitter etc


5.      Poor Shipping Alternatives

Online businesses make the mistake of not providing shipping options. Every customer likes free stuff and will gladly visit a brand that offers free shipping even if they need to spend more on products. They will rather spend on products than on shipping.


6.      Product Pricing

A lot of online businesses under-price their products and at the end find out they are losing cash instead of generating it. It is important to understand how your type of business works online so that you can tag your products with the right prices.


7.      Weak Product Description

This is a serious mistake made by businesses, since your customers are not able to interact with the products one on one it is essential that you explain to them in the most descriptive way possible. The description should focus on features, specifications, benefits etc