Marketing your online store is very rewarding when you are deliberate and strategic about it.

When it comes to establishing an online store, there’s more work to be done in order to make people aware of your brand as well as make sales.

Making the big decision to become an E-commerce entrepreneur is the first step to growing wealth but the process can be slowed down if the world can see your amazing products. How do you get the world to notice you? MARKETING.

Yes, marketing is a very important factor to consider after setting up your online store and the internet has made marketing easy for every entrepreneur who want to reach more people rather than depend on traditional means of marketing.

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In the previous article, we talked about the options of creating your online store on a self-hosting platform. Once you have set up your online store as well as your inventory, you can now follow these easy marketing strategies:

1.      Logo design($5-$300)

A logo can help your online store standout. As a matter of fact, research by small biz genius showed that almost 61%of shoppers didn’t finish their purchase because trust logos were missing. So,you should take this factor very seriously. Your marketing should start with a good logo design that identifies your brand. Platforms like Canva also have free to very low cost Canva templates that you can use to design your logo yourself, just in case you do not want to spend so much on paying someone to design it.

2.      Social Media Marketing($10-$1000)

It’s a good idea to start your eCommerce business with a marketing budget. All you really need is $10 to get started with advertising (at least on Facebook), though I recommend at least a $100 budget for a start.

The most important and effective social media platform to advertise is Instagram because it is known as a market place for E-commerce business owners with target audience populating Instagram.

These costs are important to keep in mind when choosing a product to sell and setting your pricing. You have to make enough on each sale to still make a profit after all expenses have been deducted on social media marketing.

3.      Blog or Vlog with a touch of SEO ($5-$1000)

You can create blog or vlog contents that talks about your products. Online guides and tutorials of your products makes you gain more trust and loyal customers because people appreciate it when they learn about the value that your product gives.

Also, optimizing your contents with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), can make your products and online store to be easily found online by prospects who will be in need of your services. Whatever content you are churning out, SEO is a very important factor that makes you climb the ladder of your business and sales faster.

4.      Payment processing

An integrated payment system will market your brand fast with word of mouth referrals. Here is why. Customers do not want to get to your store and have issues with purchase. They easily get frustrated when the payment method is not flexible and then they spread the bad news to prospects you would have had. Ensuring that your payment method is very easy to use is also a good marketing strategy that will retain customers and keep them coming back and that is why Shop440 ensures that your payment method is being taken care of so you don’t feel any form of hassle.