Most successful E-commerce businesses sell smart with digital tools that help them grow profit fast, and stay ahead of their competitors.
That’s why we created these high-powered digital tools for you as a merchant to sell on any platform of your choice with ease. 
We provide all the tools you need to help you sell better and faster on social media. 
Grow your E-commerce business fast with Shop440.Sell to the African market from the comfort of your home.
Join successful merchants on Shop440 and start making more sales today!

Control your Inventory
Be in charge of your store. Manage your inventory the way you want it. Track how much you have sold in a month.

Cheap and Swift Shipping
Manage different shipping channels with ease within chosen locations in Africa. Logistics channels for your products to your customers are in your control, and delivery is at record time.

Your phone, your office
Shop440 is compatible with any mobile device. Grow your business even while on the move.
Shop440 mobile view

We really solve the problems you have.

  • Difficulty tracking all your orders and which ones have not yet been dispatched?
  • Difficulty tracking how much you sold in a given month?
  • Difficulty managing different shipping channels, like manual delivery, or using a transport company?
  • You only have a phone and want to manage everything from your phone, and not from a computer?
  • You want a website to send your instagram buyers to, so you can collect their details and money in one place?
Everything you’ll need to SELL ONLINE.

Track orders which have been made, and know when they come from repeat customers.

Need a website to sell online?

Get a no-nonsense site that just works.

Start with the default website which is optimized for mobile phone users.
Pricing Plan

Get started now.


$5 per month
  • Create and manage product listings
  • View and manage customer Orders
  • Offer custom Logistics Options
  • Support your own custom domain eg.
  • Also get a subdomain for free; eg
  • Online Payment processing [Debit cards, mobile money, M-Pesa, Bank transfers, etc]
  • Support offline payments [eg recieve cash payments directly from customers offline]
  • 100% Mobile support. You don't need a laptop/Desktop to manage your shop.
    Any phone with internet is enough
  • Easy to use ecommerce experience

Insights on how to grow an online business.

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