Shop440 is an online E-commerce platform that provides the tools needed for African businesses to sell online.

It’s quite understandable that most people who sell products only rely on their social media pages to sell their products and it is also unfortunate that most of the time, a huge percentage of online buyers only trust businesses that have an online store with a verified domain name.

Smart entrepreneurs or business owners passionate about their E-commerce business have realized that they have to totally brand themselves to be a business that everyone can trust and as such, they create an online store where they can direct their Instagram buyers to, make transactions, track their shipping and grow their profits.

Shop440 has created an effective platform for every E-commerce business tailored to the African market and what makes Shop440 different from other E-commerce platforms is the easy means of transactions and logistics provided to support businesses especially within Africa which is quite a different experience with western based E-commerce platforms.

Users want a cheaper shipping and easier transactions. With Shop440, your customers are yours, inventory is flexible and you can grow your business with ease while growing a database of customers all around Africa.